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Whatever happened to the just married car?

Just Married Car

For all of you who have either attended or planned a wedding recently, there is one detail you might have not seen or missed: the" Just Married" car. In the past writing on the car or tying tin cans to its rear bumper was as commonplace as the wedding cake, but nowadays you don't see it too often. Robert E Jackson is a serious collector of American snapshot photography and he has amassed more than 12,000 images in his collection. This collection includes eccentric family holiday cards and cars decorated for weddings. Jackson says he was drawn to the photos he often finds on eBay because of the rituals they represent.

He views these decorations as a type of folk art and decided to explore what else was out there." What I found was that the words applied to the car were more creative than I initially imagined, he wrote." Just Married" is and always was the simple standard message on wedding cars. In an earlier day, the wedding car often emphasize that from this marriage, kids would be produced and they would enrich the community and create a family. There is also humor in later reiterations of the" Just Married" signage on the car. In the 1930s through the 1950s it was often just enough to write" Just Married". You can still order Just Married sign from eBay for your vintage themed wedding. It will be custom made so it can get more expensive but with eBay discount you can totally afford that.

Jackson mentions that today the ritual has shifted. Many people don't use a car when they leave the wedding. Instead most often they take off in an airplane. The car has a different role in our lives now, and because of that there is less emphasis on the wedding car being decorated. Much of our lives is public so people have become more private in advertising to strangers, via the car, that someone is newly married. The" Just Married" vehicle in the past has been a humorous way to inform society the passengers were newly married. This is when in community there was a greater sense of belonging to a certain town. Now posting wedding photos on social media sites or in a personal wedding website has taken its place.