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Tips on How to Maximize the Use of Your Canon 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Your Canon 5D Mark IV is highly equipped with a full thirty megapixel frame sensor, weather sealed body, and 4K 's worth of memory for video recording. Whether you are into photojournalism, landscape photography, commercial photography or portraiture you will find the 5D IV is the right choice of camera style for you. Does this camera cut it when it comes to wedding photography you may ask? The answer is yes and here is why.

The 5D IV is a perfect camera for wedding photographers. It is very small and lightweight for a 1D series camera keeping you hands free. The compact grip and full frame sensor truly comes in handy when under the pressure of dim lighting conditions and want to avoid using the annoying flash. Not to mention the noiseless shutter mechanism which will help you effortlessly blend into the background and grab candid photos easily. To top the 5D IV camera off , world renowned photographer Denis Reggie recommends the 5D IV as the ultimate wedding camera. Below are some tips Denis suggests to explore while photographing weddings with the 5D IV.

Denis recommends to blend into your background during wedding photography, stating that you should become an observer. He also suggests to take full advantage of the camera's touch screen as well as white auto balance. This AWB helps to achieve a much more neutral color under harsh lighting. Do not forget to explore the settings that reduce the distortion caused in some wide angle portrait shots. Another tip, is to always remember to balance the flash's temperature color to the surrounding ambient lighting. One can decide to stick with the warmth in the lighting available or to neutralize it all together regardless of the surrounding light or flash available. Lastly, Denis recommends the trick of using two full stops of exposure compensation for one single shot. This may sound like a long shot but the produced photos were breath taking. With the use of these tips one can capture beautiful weddings using the 5D IV for many happy newlyweds.