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Photographers are now using drones to capture the most unique wedding photos

Drones Wedding Photos

Drones are being used these days for everything. They deliver packages, create light shows and are even used as weapons of war. Some very innovative photographers are using drones and capturing new perspectives for couples for their weddings and/or their honeymoon vacations. Photographers are cleverly using technology to expand into various creative artistic ways. This isn't new, but these wedding photos are something you've never seen before. DJI Phantoms are the best for wedding photography. They are expensive but totally worth it. In order to save, buy drone online using DJI Phantom promo codes.

One wedding photographer Helene Harvard who is based in Papeete which is on the main island of Tahiti ,has snapped some fabulous shots and used the help of drone operator Flying World Pictures. The shots here are absolutely magical.

To be able to fly above certain places and catch the beauty of vastness can be a huge way to express freedom. Aerial footage can capture unique landscape in its entirety and position one for breath taking views of the location.

According to Rangefinder Magazine website Helene Harvard was named as one of the 30 rising stars in wedding photography. Her wedding photos are shot on the islands in French Polynesia and include the islands of Bora Bora, Huahine, Moorea, Rangiroa and the Marquisan Islands.

Harvard explains on the website that warning is the best time to do the shoot if you want pure blue hues in your photos. The shades of blue differ depending on the time of day the photo was taken. To capture the larger world around you and your comparatively insignificant relationship drone photography is for you.