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Bride requesting 9-year-old photographer

9-year-old photographer

Wedding photographer Regina Wyllie definitely has a long and bright future ahead of her, especially since she is only nine years old. She is the daughter of professional photographer Kevin Wyllie, and Regina's career first began at the young age of three, when she tagged along to a mountain bike race with her dad. She dropped her toy camera and grabbed her father's Canon G9 and started taking pictures as the bikes sped past. From then on, she began questioning her father on the ins and outs of his occupation and slowly began to pick up which buttons did what and learn how to properly compose her frames and adjust her focus. Over time this petite paparazzo has developed quite the artistic eye and is steadily building her own portfolio and her own client base, right alongside her proud papa.

Regina has become a welcome and requested addition to her father's wedding shoots. His clients have taken notice of her innate talent. This gifted youngster first received recognition for her portrait work when she was just seven years old. She captured an image during one of her dad's "trash the dress" shoots. She was selected for a ThinkTank campaign. Today as a nine-year-old she snaps pictures along with her father and she favors using a Fuji X-E1 and X-T1 in order to capture and make her sophisticated composites. When asked where she printed her pictures she recommended Tiny Prints or Shutterfly. She often prints her photos for free or uses Shutterfly coupons to save on prints.

Her father Kevin is thrilled to share his passion with his adorable sidekick, and is keen to slowly share his wisdom and teach her the underlying principles of what makes a good quality photograph. Some of Regina's best shots have been taken during a beautifully documented wedding day and others from photography jobs on the side.